Thursday, June 7, 2007

nirvana and pearl jam totally rule, man.

ok, so michelle posted her pics, and now i'm posting mine. i tried to find pictures with flannel. enjoy my "wonder years"

the first picture is from girl's camp. notice the flannel shirt, cutoff shorts, and hiking boots. standard girl's camp attire for a grungy girl. and that is the only other time i've had long hair.

this second picture is me being a "sporty grunge girl"... still loving STP while wearing nike deschutz and wishing i was at basketball camp instead of "the happiest place on earth"

next picture is more flannel and more smiles. (we were kidnapping our friend for her birthday, hence the blindfolding)

this last one is to show my preppy (yet still rocking baggy 'man' clothes) side coming out, and my friend diversity. from left to right the drama geek, the pregnant girl, me, and the smart jock chick chillin at the senior benches.

ps, i know these are bad scans. don't judge me.
pps, the only item of girl clothing i'm wearing in any of these pictures is that one white v-neck shirt underneath the man flannel.


emily said...

woooooooooowwwwwwwww! i miss baggy clothes. remember when we didn't have to look like porn stars all the time?

carloine, you were a total 90s babe, complete with contrasty photos and deep lipstick.

caroline said...

seriously, i remember one of my main goals, freshman year of college was to get my roommate to stop wearing tight jeans. now you couldn't pay me to wear jeans that were loose. i blame it all on j-lo and beyonce for making us all aware of our butts.

now i just want to be a big-booty-ho.

f*bomb. said...

No kidding. Who needs breast implants? I'm saving up for butt implants!

Damian said...

I knew flannel was warm, I just didn't know it was HOTT!