Thursday, May 31, 2007

Next Day at Elin's B-day Liberty Park Fun in the Cold!

this day was a tease. it started out super sunny then ended up being chilly.

steven- always in the back ground...

i love the trees in liberty park so tall so pretty

emily dreaming of steven

mindy doing a little product placement

lee elin and danny

sometimes michelle likes to feed caroline. don't worry later caroline shyly excepts.

the carruth's. i found out tonight dave loves t.v. as much as i do. YEAH!

this is the best present ever. lucky elin

Caroline Kings B-day Night

unfortunately my camera died this night. we had a little breakfast for dinner than went bowling where jessica and i tied kicking everyone elses ass'

caroline's favorite thing to do is bowl. she's really good at it!

Michelle and Ryan's Baby Shower

this was a coed shower. the boys were promised soccer while the gals did their thing, but ryan had been super sick the night before, so mostly the boys had to do what we did. i don't think we'll ever be able to trick them into coming to another baby shower again.

maybe suzanne is sad michelle's married and having a baby and all growns up... doesn't matter now -cause she's engaged!

this was a really fun shower with yummy food and sh---y diaper games. it's always great when other people have babies so that we can hold them and then give them back...

Monday, May 28, 2007

It's obvious SLC has all the hot ladies!

We had an April B-day bash at Nicole and Adams and it was a blast, as you can tell.

"She has Electric Boobs"

Chris likes to show it.

We had a visitors from L.A. and the N.Y.C. Di's one of my favorite dancers and Chris is one of my favorite people!

if you're noticing that people have different outfits on throughout these photos it's because we had b-day fun twice that week. you'll notice the rug came up for the second party so we couldn't burn a hole in it since the first party turned into a dance off!

This is quintessential kristen, Michelle & Elin-who doesn't love them.