Sunday, July 13, 2008

you missed

the biggest girl party of the year bitches! oh yeah. you wish you were there!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


We watched stomp the yard for girls night- movie night which was also suvi's last week with us in the great slc. :(

we decided to stomp the living room

suvi showed how it's really done
so did k

die hard maren and hailey took on gilmer drive on bikes


7/7/07 supposedly the luckiest day in the world. Well at least it was for Caroline and Justin...

caroline had edible king and friend candy bars

brian's creation for the kings

dushane gals swing dancing

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Life in the "Isaksoon" home...

is a non-stop party. It's a lot like that movie 24 Hour Party People, if the members of Joy Division were girls. And into balloons and streamers instead of cocaine and suicide.

June's been my month to get out of town, and after having avoided my own bed for almost 18 days I came home last night to find it COVERED in the big yellow balloons Danny had left for Elin upon her return from Nauvoo over the weekend. I loved them so much I slept with them all piled on top of me. It's good to be home for a while and we hope you guys haven't forgotten all about us.

Friday, June 15, 2007


So Steven Stacy and I went to a live taping of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! at Kingsbury Hall. We were in stitches the entire time.

i always thought this was a really strange mural on the wall at kingsbury. i also always kind of liked it!

the live show was a little over 2 hours and was so good the whole time. it's amazing how they can cut it down to 47 minutes and still keep it as funny

we had to get pictures with everyone involved. this is tom bodett

if you're lucky you can get carl kasells voice on your answering machine. he not only leaves a message- he'll sing for you also.

soooo funny- paula poundstone kills me

oh mo if i wasn't married...and

the host peter sagal, wittiest guy on the radio. can you be in love with someone's voice?

you may notice all three of us have the same exact look in every picture...