Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Danny's B-day

danny's getting older party

yummy dessert. these two gals took the last pieces
beautiful reflectors
we played a game of bocce ball girls against boys. we were behind 2-11 but pulled together winning 17- 14. this is what happens when you're humble and full of love for each other -damian- the losers refused to take a picture. we of course couldn't refuse
caroline "the serious"
nic "the take charge"
kristen "the thruster"
elin "the team muscle"


f*bomb. said...

You make me wish I were in SLC. It's like uniting my two aspirations of killing in bocce ball and being surrounded by good-looking people. Kind of like the mafia, but with more colour.

emily said...

wow, that looks like fun. thanks for inviting me guys!

emily said...

j/k, dogs